5 Tips When Buying Local Chicken to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

5 Tips When Buying Locally-Raised Chicken

  1. Buying local often means buying higher quality. The local Frederick-area farmers we highlight here invest in higher quality, more nutrient-dense food and living conditions than factory-farmed meat. The nutrition animals consume directly impacts the nutrition you consume when you eat them as food. "You are what you eat eats." - Michael Pollan

  2. Buy a whole bird rather than parts; it's typically cheaper per pound.

  3. Choose bone-in if you do buy chicken parts. They'll have more flavor and you can reserve the bones for stock to add nutrition to other dishes.

  4. Don't underestimate dark meat.

  5. Dark meat has more flavor. If you decide to buy parts, chicken thighs or thighs and legs are great for maximizing flavor.

  6. Save the bones and store in a freezer bag to make chicken stock later. You'll thank us!

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