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How to Make an Easy Chicken Stock

...So You Can Get More Bang for Your Buck When Buying Local Meat

Do you want to eat more locally-raised meat but it feels like a big financial investment? Totally understand!

What if you could:

• Get more bang for your food buck

• Maximize nutrition you're getting from your food

• All while eliminating waste

...just by integrating a new simple routine into your week?

Keep reading!

How to Make Simple Sunday Chicken Stock:

  1. Roast your chicken whole. Reserve bones in freezer bag for use when convenient.

  2. Pick a day to do your meal prep. We do Sundays just because it's easy to get prepared for the week ahead.

  3. Add chicken bones to stock pot and fill with water.

  4. Bring to boil, reduce to low heat.

  5. Cook uncovered until liquid reduces by half.

  6. Allow stock to cool, store in clean mason jars. Be sure to leave ample headroom in mason jar if you plan to freeze stock, otherwise the jar will break as the freezing liquid expands. You do not want this to happen.

  7. Use within a couple days, or freeze for future use.

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