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Soft, French Omelette Recipe from Special Guest Sarah Kurtanich, Period Educator & Health Coach

Soft, French Style Omelette with Caprikorn Farms Chevre and Chives

The hallmarks of a French-style omelette include the custardy interior, it’s rolled instead of folded, it doesn’t usually have any fillings except for maybe a sprinkle of cheese and the outside shouldn’t have any color. It’s one of those recipes that might not work out perfectly the first time you try it, but it's a worthwhile technique to learn. And hey, soft, buttery eggs are delicious no matter what form they come in, so don’t be too upset if it doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is one of those recipes that once you get it, you’ll love whipping up anytime you want a simple yet elevated meal.

You’ll need:

• 1 tbsp high-quality, unsalted, grass fed butter

• 2 eggs

• Caprikorn Farms Chevre (or your favorite local goat cheese)

• 1 tsp fresh chives, chopped

• Salt & pepper to taste

• Something green to serve on the side - in-season asparagus or a simple salad made from local greens

• An 8-inch pan

• A rubber spatula


1. Cook your asparagus (steam, saute or grill) OR prep your simple salad.

2. In a bowl, gently whisk together the eggs. Try not to incorporate too much air into the eggs as you stir.

3. In an 8-inch pan, melt the butter over low heat. When the butter starts to bubble (don’t let it sizzle) pour in the eggs. Holding the handle of the pan, start to rock the pan in a gentle circular motion as you stir the eggs with the rubber spatula in a figure-8 formula for about 2 minutes. This ensures that all of the eggs cook evenly. Once the eggs have just started to set, spread them out in an even layer in your pan and allow to cook for 1 more minute. Check to see that the bottom has set by lifting an edge of your omelette with your spatula. The top should still be custardy. Remove the pan from the heat. Sprinkle the eggs with salt, freshly cracked black pepper and a healthy sprinkle of the chevre.

4. Holding the handle of the pan, slowly start to roll the omelette starting at the bottom of the pan. (Tilting the pan as you go helps the rolling process.) Gently roll the omelette out of the pan and onto a plate seam side down. Top with another sprinkle of goat cheese and fresh cracked pepper. Serve with your asparagus or salad on the side.

Sarah Kurtanich is a Period Educator and Health Coach who's on a mission to help people with periods ditch PMS, become an expert in THEIR cycle and optimize their hormonal health. A reproductive health scare in her early-20s led her to discover the concept of cycle syncing and she began practicing what she likes to call Flow Care, or a way of tending to yourself with your magical monthly cycle in mind. It incorporates whole foods, cyclical movement, moon wisdom and fertility awareness among other concepts. It's a practice that has helped Sarah through many stages of life over the past decade and it's now what she works with clients to incorporate into their own lives. Sarah is a wife, mother, golden retriever enthusiast, loves to sing, and will always order coconut shrimp if she sees it on a menu.

For more information about Sarah, visit her here: and on Instagram at @sarahkurtanich

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